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Funny pictures that will help you enjoy your day

Laughing without a reason is tamed as madness but when your laughter is instigated by some funny pictures, it is often better not to laugh alone.

These pictures that can help you enjoy your day.

1. This is how I will look on my former girlfriend's wedding. Whoever wants to marry her will definitely have to face me.

2. Nothing is funnier than when you forget to do your assignment and then you get to class only to discover that your teacher is absent.

3. The only book to read when you are owing lots of people.

4. This man didn't get his salary, so he parked his boss's car like this and quit his job.

5. I don't believe in the quote that black is beautiful anymore.

6. The beautiful lady in the picture below was travelled to her village for the first time and decided to visit their forest. This was the result.

7. This is how to laugh, when what was said is not as funny as expected.

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