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Celebrities You Never Knew Can Speak English Fluently Because Of The Way They Speak In Movies.

Most of the time, we make the mistake of judging our movie stars by their behavior in the movies they act. We tend to forget that they only did those things in the name of acting. They are some actors now that their name is synonymous with the pigin language. Once you see them, you are sure to hear pigin English. We would be taking a look at some of these actors.

The only way you can say you know someone is by coming in contact with the person one on one. The day you would meet one of this actors that speak pigin in their movies, you would be shocked by how he or her speak in real life. Most of them are more than fluent in their command of the English language. They only use the pigin language in movies to make you and I laugh. Pigin is one language that is synonymous with amusement.

Let us now take a look at some of the actors and actresses that make up this category. I know some of you would have guessed some already. They are: 

1. Mercy Johnson: One of the most funny female actress in the industry. She make use of pigin a lot in her movies. Speaks English language fluently.

2. John Okafor: Known by many as Mr. Ibu. Ibu is one actor that makes use of pigin language a lot in his movies. 

3. Funke Akindele: Another female actress that specializes in pigin language. She is also known for the way she 'murder' our dear English language in her movies. But all this is just meant to amuse us the viewers. Funke is well schooled. She speaks cool English in reality.

4. Afeez Oyetoro: He is popularly known as Saka. Honestly, I have not heard this man speak English before in any of his movies. This is the only actor I doubt if he can speak English in real life. Later on, I found out that Saka is even a Lecturer. 

5. Charles Inojie: Honestly I prefer watching the movies he speaks the pigin language. Unlike Nkem Owoh who uses English language to amuse people, Charles does better using the pigin language. 

6. Francis Odega: Another actor I love watching when he speaks pigin. He also speaks English language very well.

7. Charles Awurum: If You don't meet him one on one, you would never believe he speaks English language. 

8. Ime Bishop: He is known by many names. One of the most funny actor in the Nollywood industry. He uses broken English a lot in his movies. Ime is well schooled as well.

9. Bovi Ugboma: popularly known by his name 'Bovi'. One of the many who does his comedy with the pigin language. He speaks English very well.

10. Odunlade Adekola: This man is really funny. He uses English and pigin in his movies.

Who else do you think should have made the list? Like and drop your comments.

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