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20 Nigerian slangs that show Nigerians are fun loving

Nigeria is one of the most popular countries in Africa. It is said that two out of three Africans abroad are Nigerians. We love to explore and expand our horizon. We cherish the good life and can do any job to get it.

We are very hopeful and light hearted set of people and we never give up on our personal struggles.

That being said, we are known for our witty remarks and savage responses and we are very active on social media.

More and more slangs have originated from the Nigerian social media space and have been integrated into our daily lives. Some slangs have already been existing before some of us were born. We use slangs to make statements look appealing or give whatever we attach it to a kind of flair. We also use slangs to summarize an idea.

Below are 20 slangs that have been used so far and their meaning.

1. E go be

This is another way of saying I'll see you later or goodbye. It can also be used to end a conversation. It is usually accompanied with a peace sign.

2. Na you sabi/ na you know

This slang is used to dismiss a person or change a topic. It means 'you alone know' literally. Although it can be used literally, it can also be used when a person refuses to heed to advise and feels they know everything and won't listen to voice of reason. When the back and forth gets serious you just tell the person 'na you sabi' and change subject.

3. E get why

This slang is means 'there is a reason' literally and is used literally.

4. Mad oh

This slang is an exclamation. It is used to describe something that is surprising, lit or extraordinary.

5. All join

This slang is used to integrate all possible options. For instance when someone says they want to eat rice and egusi and another person is surprised at the combination, the person can respond with all join. It means everything is included.

6. Na them

This is used when you want to give people a stereotype. It is used when a person acts or says what a particular set of people are known for. The term groups them together.

7. Park well

This is used to tell a person to readjust his/her mental or physical position especially if it is conflicting or at odds with yours.

8. Inside life

This is just another way of saying that's how life is. For instance you might hear about someone buying a car and at the same time another is drinking garri.

9. This life no balance

This is used when someone with privilege gets away with doing what a less privileged person suffered for doing or people with privilege getting special treatment. It's just like Manchester United official account replying DJ Cuppy's tweet.

10. Fall my hand

It means to disappoint someone.

11. Like play like play

It means jokingly or little by little.

12. Japa

It means to run away at great speed from dangerous situations.

13. How far

It means how are you? or what's up?

14. Gbe body e

It means remove yourself. It might not be literal.

15. Shey normal

It means behave yourself.

16. Gobe

It means problem.

17. No lele

It means no problem.

18. Gbefun

It means give them. It is used when someone dresses well and looks hot or any other way that uses its meaning.

19. Up NEPA

It means something bright. If someone is wearing flashy colors or white or if a person bleaches or if a person is naturally fair.

20. Ji masun

It means 'stay awake don't sleep' literally but it actually means be vigilant.

Use any of these slangs in a sentence and submit via comments section

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