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14 Action Movies (Series) to Look out for

The last kingdom

The Last Kingdom took place in England in the late 9th century, long before the country was united. The competing kingdoms were occupied and occupied by Vikings, so that under King Alfred's rule, Wessex was the last to oppose the looted treasures. 

It never quite reaches the level of the Vikings that are available on Amazon Prime, but it's a more than adequate replacement as you wait for the last season. 


It starts with Prairie Johnson, played by Brit Marling, the co-creator who has been missing for seven years. She won't explain where she was or the biggest mystery of all: how she got her eyesight back. What follows is a fascinating supernatural mystery that sometimes extends credibility but is still addictive. 

Orange is the new black

A former executive who is held accountable for her past. The boss upset by her privileged lifestyle and is thrown into prison with minimal security. It doesn't fit. From the first day in prison to the last - and beyond - chaos, chaos follows her. Expect drugs, death and attempts to escape.

Spinning out

In an Ice Princess-meets-Skins series, a figure skater tries to compete again after a fall in which her head is injured. Although the world of ice skating may look perfect and flawless, there is dark tension beneath it, with mothers sniffing abuse from the sidelines and young skaters risking permanent injuries by continuing to skate on damaged hips. 

Mind hunters

Mind hunters tells the story of how the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit came about and its investigation into serial killers. It is about a longer investigation into the serial killings of young African Americans in Atlanta, the first test of the theories of unity. The second season is not quite as tight as the first, but it is still an extremely convincing watch with first-class production values.


If you like your TV moody and thoughtful, the science fiction series Dark is for you. Dark is the first German-language Netflix original series (don't worry, there is an option for English synchronization). It starts with a secret connection, a missing teenage boy, and a creepy-looking cave - which rather sets the mood for the rest of the show. What initially appears to be an uncomplicated puzzle investigation will soon become an ambitious time travel plot with a lot of atmosphere. The title is appropriate.


Nick Sax is a detective turned hitman who revels in his completely dysfunctional life. Then, after suffering a heart attack during a hit, he wakes up to find he is now accompanied by Happy, a small blue flying unicorn. He’s the imaginary friend of his kidnapped daughter Hailey, and believes that Nick is the hero that will come to her rescue.


A community browses through culture references, clever recalls and comments on their own existence, but never forgets with one Spot of character development to emerge or a warm moment.

The Witcher

The Witcher is a series by Geralt of Rivia follows, whose profession as a mutated "witcher" lets him kill monsters for money. 

However the hero who is in a larger conspiracy than his fate is intertwined with an orphaned princess on the run and a powerful sorceress testing the limits of her abilities.


Giri/ Haji feels like an exotic twist on the worn-out thriller tropes, but it's evolving into something smarter, funnier, and more entertaining. A Japanese banker is murdered in London, a war between Tokyo's Yakuza gangs is ignited and detective Kenzo Mori is sent to London to find the suspect, his brother, and to bring him back to Japan to avert the chaos.

Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is based on the series in which children are randomly born to women around the world who previously showed no signs of pregnancy.

Billionaire Reginald Hargreeves is on a mission to adopt seven of them and form a team of child superheroes. We rejoin the group, known as the Umbrella Academy, years later when they are reunited by the death of their father.

Derry Girls

Derry Girls takes place in the northern Irish city of Derry and follows Catholic secondary school student Erin Quinn and her small group of strange, crazy and frankly swearing friends who navigate through teenage life during the problems of the day.

Money Heist

When a team of nine criminals launch a bold attack on the Spanish Royal Mint, they are convinced that their meticulous plan covers all eventualities. But things begin to unravel as the mastermind behind the raid approaches the policeman who is responsible for the safe release of the 67 hostages.

Money Heist is an interesting and tense series that turns surprisingly likeable characters out of its diabolical main characters.

Warrior Nun

Based on a cartoon character, Warrior Nun follows the youthful orphan Ava Silva, who miraculously gains new powers and becomes a warrior.

 A mixture of fight scenes, teen drama and increasingly far-fetched actions with angels, demons and an ominous tech company. 

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