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Check Out Photos Of Bobrisky And 2 Other Nigerian Men Who Dress And Act Like Women

Over the years, Cross-dressing has gradually become more common in Nigeria. A cross-dresser is someone who prefers to dress like the opposite gender, that is, a man who prefers to dress like a woman and a woman who prefers to dress like a man. These cross-dressers tend to feel more comfortable whenever they dress like someone of the opposite gender.

However, people often mistake a cross-dresser as being transgender. A cross-dresser is different from a transgender in the sense that while a cross-dresser simply puts on clothes of the opposite gender and act like them, a transgender is someone who has gone though the surgical procedure of changing vital organs of their body to that of the opposite gender.

In Nigeria, the most popular cross-dresser is Bobrisky but there are also some other Nigerian men who like to cross-dress.


Bobrisky was born on August 31, 1991 and he is currently 29 years old. When Bobrisky started Cross-dressing newly, people spoke harshly against him but he continued doing it despite harsh criticisms. He started by simply fixing his nails and from there, he migrated to applying facial makeup when going out. After that, he started wearing wigs and now, he completely dresses like a woman.


James Brown is another Nigerian who likes to Cross-dress. James brown has on several ocassions referred to Bobrisky as his role model even though the both of them sometimes have misunderstandings online. James Brown became popular years back after he was arrested by the police at a party.


He is reportedly 22 years old and he is a Portharcourt based cross-dresser. If you randomly see his photos on the internet, it may take you some seconds to realize that he is actually a man. He dresses and carries himself like a woman and the way he does it smoothly makes people wonder how many years of practice he must have had.

Dear reader, what do you think about Cross-dressing?

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