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Angelina Jolie: "The Assassin I Hired To Kill Me, Saved Me" (Opinion)

Some of us must have heard of Angelina Jolie, one way or the other. Well, she is a very talented actress, who has bagged many awards and featured in award winning movies like Tomb raider, Maleficent, Wanted, "SALT", Beowulf and many more.

Well, now that I have reminded us of her, did you know that she was once depressed in her life that she hired a hitman to take her life.

Years before her highly publicized marriage to Brad Pitt and her adoption of multiple children, she was in a very dark phase of her life.

She experimented with had drugs and cut herself multiple times to feel good.

The actress felt that it would be a relief to her family and friends that having someone else kill her would bring much relief to them.

She said and I quote: "With suicide comes all the guilt of people around you thinking they could have done something".

Well, the funny and amazing thing that shook me was that the hitman she hired knew her and didn't want her to end her life.

He said: "Let me give you a month to think about it, and then if you wanna have it done me, I'll kill you.

In the confession she gave, she said; "The person spoke very sweetly to me, he made me think about it for a month, and a month after, other things changed my life and am surviving".

Ironically, the person she hired to take her life, saved it.

What do you think of this confession made by Angelina Jolie?

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