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18 Years After Acting The Movie 'Billionaires Club', Here Are Recent Photos Of Actress Chidi Ihezie

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The first thing that comes to your mind when you remember this movie is fear!.The Billonaire's club is one movie that has left its mark in the heart of Nigerians.

Billionaire's club was directed by Adams Okereke and was officially released in 2003.The movie showed how men operate in a secret society and have occult money that they use to manipulate people to make blood money.

Lead actress Chidi Ihezie who acted as the wife to Tony Umez in the movie was brought from the village to the city immediately after their marriage to start up life.

Unknown to her, a tragedy was set to befall her as their poverty got the better part of her husband which pushed him into joining the occult association.

But the ultimate prize to pay in order to be rich was to sacrifice his loving and unsuspecting wife together with their unborn child.

Unfortunately for him,he didn't live to enjoy the money for her ghost and that of the unborn child kept hunting him anywhere he went to.

His body started decomposing while he was alive. He finally died but confessed of killing his wife to make money.

18 years after this great movie, see how the lead actress looks like now.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Chidi Ihezie Okoafor.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Chidi Ihezie OkoaforPhoto Credit: Instagram/Chidi Ihezie Okoafor

Age is really catching up with her but that hasn't stopped her from glowing.

She's still the same beautiful lady that graced our screen back in those days.

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Photo Credits: Google

Instagram/Chidi Ihezie Okoafor

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