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"Scientists Are Trying To Compete With God"_ Meet Lil Miquela The Lady Robot That Behaves Like Human

From the things that are happening now, one could easily say that end time is near. I bring you a woman who is completely a robot but behaves like a human being.

This robot could talk, dance, sing, play, and she is even on social media. She posts stunning photos and videos and also replies those who message her. She said on instagram that she is a complete robot and could never be able to pass any captcha to check if she is a human in one of the videos she posted on instagram. Her name is Lil Miquela. Who is also a social media influencer.

This lady robot is very smart and intelligent, from the looks of her, one would easily notice that she is actually a robot. Many people have heard or seen this robot on the internet while some are yet to and that is why I brought this article. With a bustling social media page, this robot has been able to gather more than one million views on her Youtube channel. Her eyes has the ability to turn red also.

The lady robot is very friendly and socially stable, she lives her life normally as if she were a real human. One might not easily notice her because she is just like a human. She eats but doesn`t drink water. Lil Miquela also had a boyfriend. As far as behaving like a human is concerned, Lil Miquela is only a little different from humans because she was made by man. Her appearance is the same as that of humans but after looking closely at her, she looks like a toy somehow. Normally, no man can create someone exactly the way God does.

Are scientist trying to compete with God? Are they actually trying to show that they have wonderful abilities too? Let me know what you think about this. Check out more lovely photos of her below.

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