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Lessons Every Nigerian Should Learn From Handsome Crippled Man Who Completed His NYSC [PHOTO]

It was recently reported that a Nigerian man with physical challenge has successfully completed his NYSC (National Youth Service Corps).

The man is Identified as Eboseremhen Emmanuel who completed his NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) few days ago. It is obvious that the handsome looking man is crippled. 

Eboseremhen Emmanuel was so happy and showcase his happiness by taking photo of himself holding his NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) certificate on his hand.

The Picture of Eboseremhen was shared online on different social media platforms which is currently dragging reactions.

There were lots of congratulations messages and prayers made regarding his post which was published online.

His photo was shared on Twitter by a user identified as 'Minister Of Enjoyment' @Lordedified. It seems people will like to see him and make some donations to him because it was obvious in the comments made regarding his post that some persons requested for Eboseremhen Emmanuel's number.

See Reactions Made Regarding Eboseremhen Emmanuel's Post On Twitter

Lessons Every Nigerian Should Learn From Eboseremhen Emmanuel

1. Believe In Yourself: It is very difficult to achieve success without believing in yourself. The crippled man never looked down on his self but believed that in the feature he will pass out. It is not easy to achieve such a goal with such a physical challenge but Eboseremhen Emmanuel has urged the public to believe it is possible after his photo was shared online.

2. Love Yourself: Eboseremhen Emmanuel never felt bad due to the physical health challenges he has. He was seen very happy on the photo which was shared online. 

3. Hard Work Pays: Hard work really pays and does not select someone's condition. Everyone deserves a reward after much labor. The condition of Eboseremhen Emmanuel didn't stop him from getting his reward. They are different students who couldn't finish their schooling despite no health challenge.

4. Don't Be Discouraged: Friends in one way or the other may try to pull down your courage as a result of challenges or your current condition but you should still maintain your stand and strive harder. 

5. Don't Condemn: It is very wrong to condemn people due to the condition you find them because they may make it tomorrow. Most person never believe someone with physical challenge can be able to successfully pass through academic process and might have suggested it won't be possible but that thought has been rendered wrong as a result of the testimony of Eboseremhen Emmanuel.

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Eboseremhen Eboseremhen Emmanuel NYSC National Youth Service Corps PHOTO


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