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Someone Paid for Ten Groom Suits, Now He Wants A Refund after The Wedding Has Been Canceled -Man

When two lovers are in love and they understand each other very well, the next thing they do is plan their wedding. But in situations where they don't understand each other, they might change their mind. A man named Mr. Mo narrated on his twitter account what a groom whose wedding was canceled told him after he gave him a contract to sow ten groom suits for his wedding.

He said someone paid for ten groom suits so he went to the market to get the fabric. He also said he paid part of the payment for the fabric. The man that told him to sew the ten groom suits later called him that he wants a refund because the wedding has been called off. Some of his followers have told him to refund the money while some of them are blaming the man for changing his mind.

One of his followers adviced him to make the clothes and sell it to someone else. He also adviced him to refund the money. Another person adviced him to refund any amount he can refund because of the heartbreak the man is going through now. The man that told him to sow the suits is at fault but I can't blame him. Only God knows the reason why the wedding was called off. Should he refund the money? See some of the comments below.

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