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Tiwa Savage's Endorsement Loss: 2 Lessons People Must Learn From The $ex Video

Following a recent trend of Tiwa Savage's leaked inmate video and the whole reactions that emanated from the scene of the video, there are now speculations that the popular Afrobeat singer stands a high chance of losing some endorsement deals. 

Photo Credit: Tiwa Savage

According to reports from the Nigerian Vanguard, Cadbury, Pampers, Glo and one other company are allegedly planning to back out from supporting Tiwa Sava to avoid the incident giving a bad reputation to their company. 

Although the singer had accepted the situation and the reactions of the video as it is, and has been courageously keeping strong, it will deem fit for every celebrity like Tiwa Savage and other highly profiled people to learn the following important lessons:

1. Not to quickly trust any new friend's action /word. 

Unless you've stayed so long enough to be able to understand each other and trust each other perfectly, I do not think it is wise enough to easily trust every action or word of a friend that you are not in a deep relationship with. 

For example, Tiwa Savage and lover's scene of lovemaking, recorded for fun, and probably decided to be watched later, was mistakenly uploaded. 

Of course, trust is important in friendship, but the timing is also very important. 

Photo Credit: Tiwa Savage

2. You can be a star and still jealously keep your dignity.

There is no doubt that the popular Nigerian female singer made a costly mistake by agreeing to be filmed during her private moment with her lover. However, no one is above mistakes, but it is very important to learn from them. 

One good reason why Tiwa Savage will still keep getting the support of many fans more than backlashes is how she had courageously refused to be "milked" out of her possessions by the said blackmailers. 

Photo Credit: Tiwa Savage

Analysis wise, there is no crime in what she did as it does not constitutionally affect the security of any individual.

Photo Credit: Tiwa Savage

Nevertheless, what Tiwa Savage and every other celebrity like her needs to understand is that, as a woman and a supposed role model to the younger generation, keeping your dignity as a star isn't a bad idea. 

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