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Female names vs dowry payment

This is really not to attack anyone but to ease off stress, laughter itself is medicinal so don't keep it while you read. Laugh-out-loud. Please dear women especially the single ladies stop tormenting us with this "he must be rich" slogan. Abeg here attached below is a comprehensive list of how much should be payable as bride price according to your name.

This is the adventure of a concerned brother, please kindly check your name and know the price payable on your head in naira (#) and quit tormenting us:

1. Patience 17,600

2. Esther 7,200

3. Margaret 28,000

4. Joy 9,800

5. Alice 15,000

6. Ada. 99,000

7. Maureen. 4,600

8. Nancy 20,000

9. Charity. 3,200

10. Irene. 62,000

11. Grace. 2,000

12. Susan. Free

13. Tina. 3,350

14. Loveth. 98,000

15. Blessing. 8,980

16. Doris/Dorcas. 32,140

17. Juliana. 17,300

18. Emmanuella. 81,000

19. Millicent. 92,460

20. Cynthia. 24,000

21. Rachael. 2,600

22. Abigail. 17,600

23. Jennifer. 29,000

24. Rose 61,000

25. Winnie. 82,000

26. Tabitha. 79,250

27. Peace free

28. Ruth. 1,200

29. Janet. 24,960

30. Sarah. 5,500

And the list goes on, but when this was posted in a popular group on Facebook (IGBO RANT HQ) it garnered several reactions, what a humor!Many people could not hold their laughter and expressions, one Ifeoma udume said "please ooo my bride price plenty ooo shhhh Ifeoma," another lady Amarachi Gloria in excitement said "220,000 for Amarachi, that's nice"

But those whose name were on the low price or or free mode really attacked the post while the men were catching fun, mist ladies were busy fighting and attacking the post.

Some Facebook extract:

I didn't know that names matters this much in paying pride price.

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Content created and supplied by: OgubuikeNuelIkenga (via Opera News )

Abeg Ada Alice Esther Patience


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