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Queen Elizabeth is the Only Person in the World That Enjoys These 5 Qualities

I am going to show you some lovely things only Queen Elizabeth of England enjoys. But I will use this medium to tell you that Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth sadly passed away today. We all pray that his soul rest in peace until we see him again in the resurrection morning.

Well let's get back to our topic, Queen Elizabeth is one of the most important people in England. Her activities currently in England makes her a very respected figure in the world. Just like she is a special person, she also enjoys some special qualities which many people in the world doesn't enjoy.

These qualities include

1. She has her own personal ATM in her basement

When we want to take money from the bank, we will need to visit the ATM to withdraw our money, but this is not the case for Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth doesn't need to stress herself. She will just go to her basement and collect money from her personal ATM.

2. She doesn't even need to pay Taxes

Unlike common citizen of a country, Queen Elizabeth doesn't even need to pay the national tax but as a good citizen of England, she has been paying income and capital gain taxes since 1992. Can you believe it?

3. She doesn't own a driver's license but she can drive to any place in the country of her choice

Queen Elizabeth is the only person in the world that can drive around England without needing to have a driver's license. Although it is crucial to note that she doesn't drive outside the palace.

4. She doesn't need a passport to travel to anywhere she wants to go

Queen Elizabeth is the only person around the world that has the right to travel anywhere she wants to go without a passport. This is not only because she is the queen but she is also the one that issues passport to people.

5. She owns all the royal fishes in England

All the royal fishes which includes dolphin, whales, Strugeons and Porpoises. They are all the royal fishes of England which are own but the Queen herself.

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