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Check Out These Musicians That Predicted Their Death, One Of Them Is A Nigerian Musician (Photos)

See some of the popular musicians who predicted there death, one is a Nigerian;

Hello ladies and gentlemen, you are all highly welcome to this article. Do you know that many musicians has lost their lives even before they clocked 30? Among these musicians, many predicted their death and it do happened accurately the way they predicted.

Do you want to know some of those musicians? See them at the below, and don't forget, one of the Nigerian musicians is among them.

1. 2Pac Shakur

2pac is one of the greatest rapper of all time. He was so popular in the world of music.

2Pac earlier in his life, had a strong feeling that he would never make it to old age.

2Pac told Vibe magazine that he he was giving them what he called his final interview in 1995, expressing a desire to have his story told accurately before he died.

In his music video, "Ain't Mad At You" that he filmed in 1996, which depicted him in afterlife communicating with the people he loved.

Later in that year, they killed him in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, then he wasn't up to 30, he was only 25 years of age. It shows us that Tupac Amaru Shakur predicted his death accurately.

2. Left Eye

Left Eye, real named Lisa Lopez, she was 30 years old in 2002.

A van Left Eye was riding in got collided with a young boy who did not survive his injuries. Left Eye was the only passenger in the van, but she is the one that paid the young boy's hospital cost and funeral cost.

According to documentary footage from the time she was noticeably chilled by the fact that she and the boy shared a surname. Speaking about the connection she shared with the boy, Lopez recounts;

“These shoes that belonged to the boy and his last name was Lopez”.

Left Eye was convinced that some sort of malevolent spirit was following her meaning to kill her instead of the young boy.

Later, she was driving, swerved off the side of the road. The chilling moment was caught on film. She did not survive the crash.

3. John Lennon

John Lennon was shot, he might have been less surprised than any others.

Frieda Kelly, when she was a teenager, who worked as a secretary for the Beatles, told the Guardian that, when John Lennon died, the first thing that came into my mind was that he used to say,

Frieda Kelly, who worked as a secretary for the Beatles when she was a teenager, told The Guardian The first thing that came into my mind when he died was that he used to say, “ I won't be here when I'm 40. I won't make 40”.

Also it was revealed by Newsweek back in 1965 that John Lennon told a reporter his expectations for himself and his fellow band mates sharing, he said,

 However, Kelly's story isn't the first time that someone has talked about Lennon's cynical expectations for his future. Newsweek revealed that back in 1965, Lennon told a reporter his expectations for himself and his fellow bandmates sharing, he said; “we’ll either go in a plane crash or will be popped off by some loony.”

We are told that, some weeks after he has said that, he was reported to have been shot dead. It was about 11:PM outside his building, he was 40 years of age during that time, can't you see that he predicted his death accurately?.

4. Michael Jackson

Micheal Jackson is considered, the king of pop. Generally, the public accepts that the 'Speechless" crooner died from an overdose, if i may ask, who was responsible for that? In accordance with the courts, Conrad Murray who happens to be Micheal Jackson's doctor was found guity of involuntary manslaughter. That is the answer.

It is not everybody that buys the notion that his death was an accidental. Paris Jackson, who is Micheal Jackson's daughter, told Rolling Stone she believes the truth is a lot more sinister and says everyone in her family agrees with her on this.

Paris Jackson said,

“He would drop hints about people being out to get him. And at some point he was like, they're going to kill me one day”.

In Jackson's last week alive, he wrote a letter to one of his closest friends, he claimed that he was going to be murdered and also that he was terrified for his life.


Housei Duane, popularly known by his stage name, XXXTentacion, he was a rapper and he Rose to fame after he has dropped his first track on SoundCloud in the year 2014, and releasing his first studio album in August 2017.

XXXTentacion was accused by his girlfriend, that he assaulted and abused her, in October, he allegedly strangled her, beat her severely and locked her for two day because then, she was pregnant.

His girlfriend reported him to the police and he was arrested. Into 2018, the trial kept getting pushed back. In the early 2018, XXXTentacion posted a video to his Instagram page. He said;

“It's the worst. I've died a tragic death. And I'm not able to see out my dreams.”

 The case never happened on June 18th, the 20 years old XXXTentacion was shot death in Florida. The police believe that it was a drive-by shooting.

6. Da’Grin

He was a Nigerian rapper, popularly known as Dagrin. He died in an accident on 22nd of April, 2010.

According to the news we gathered, Dagrin ran into a truck in Mushin area of Lagos State, Nigeria.

His death might not be a thing of surprised, because he has predicted his death in one of his songs, "If I Die".

He has a song that said, 'if i die, if i die, make you no cry for me......

It was a song that shows that he predicted his death. He did this song not quite long before he died. He did not do the video of this song, before he got an accident.

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