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Funny Memes And Savage Replies That Are Hilarious.

Some Savage replies can be from texting or other social media, but they are mostly funny. Savage replies can be brutal and annoying but you have to over look it, or laugh over it to avoid futher unnecessary argument. People savage others mostly for fun to make others smile.

Memes are ideas or behaviors or styles that spread by means of imitation from person to person with a culture. Examples of Memes: fashion, stories, phrases. Memes was derived from an ancient Greek word "mimema" meaning " something imitated" was introduced in 1976 by the British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his work "The Selfish Gene".

So many people over the world are aware of Memes and tweets because they can be used to pass messages or crack jokes or some use it to advertise their good or services to be well known and get more customers. Tweets came from Twitter which is an American Micro blogging and social networking services on which users post and interact with others. If you are bored or sad we got hilarious tweets and Memes for you.

Below are the funny Memes and Tweets😉

Hope the Memes and Tweets where helpful, share to your loved ones and friends. Please like and comment follow for more updates #SavageTweets #FunnyMemes

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