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Twitter Drags Oyedepo Over Post On Tithes - Why Are People Saying Tithing Is Wrong?

Nigerians on Twitter have begun to criticise David Oyedepo, founding father of Living Faith Church Worldwide over a post made on his official Twitter account about tithes. consistent with the mega-rich pastor, tithing is an obligation and a covenant. To him, prosperity is tied to tithing.

Hear him: "Tithing is an inescapable covenant obligation. Prosperity not just wealth is impossible without tithing, because when you are not paying your tithe, you're under a financial curse."

The doctrine of tithing is probably the foremost controversial Christian tenet within the world. the thought that one has got to give 10 per cent of their income to God (some say it's to the pastor) is justified by selected verses within the Bible. Many folks were mentioned believing that tithing may be a must and failure to try to to it might attract grave consequences. 

However, there are Bible theologians and pastors who claim that tithing is an old practice that has no place under the dispensation of Christianity. They argue that tithing was practiced actively during the age of Judaism or the Old Testament . But since Christianity is hinged on the lifetime of Jesus , we are not any longer sure to pay tithes neither are we bound by unspecified testament laws.

The most prominent advocate against tithing is popular Nigerian radio anchor Daddy Freeze. He came out around 2017 together with his often criticism against certain practices in Christendom he tagged as false. Tithing was one among his focal points. He criticised Nigerian pastors like Adeboye, Oyedepo, and therefore the remainder of them for defrauding people through tithing. 

The fact is our pastors are extremely rich. These riches come from the tithing and donations of their members towards their ministries and churches. If indeed tithing is giving to God, why should pastors be mega-rich? Why should they need to in some cases a fleet of personal jets and selection properties abroad?

These are the explanations Nigerians are criticising Oyedepo for his post on tithing. we'll wish to hear from you what you think that about tithes. So between Oyedepo and Daddy Feeze, who would agree with? Share your thoughts within the comment section.

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