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Celebrities and the impact they have on society

Celebrities: Who Celebrities are and the Impact they have on the society.


Celeb are important and notable figure in the society as a result of the roles or function they perform. Their actions and impacts are lauded by their fans which excites them to  wow their fans with new amazing updates of their feats. The social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik tok etc created a field of interaction between Celebrities and the public. Having the social media platforms as a tool of engagement, celebrities are able to gain followers who are called Fans. 

Celebrities are noted in their areas of specialization such entertainment (theatre, music, skits/comic drama) industry, Sports and other productive industries. Celebrities are celebrated around the world for the active roles and impact they make in their respective areas of specialization.

 Celebrities and Fans

Celebrities because of their popularity and influence are able to coaxed their follower into yielding to their notion. Nigeria as a case study, has many Celebrities in different sector comprising entertainment industry which is composed of theatre, Music, Comic drama etc, Sports and other relevant sectors in the country. Nigeria is endowed with people who are intelligent and sagacious in innovation, Skills and unique performance. 

In terms of exciting their fans or followers into action or getting their support, celebs are tactical. Most of celebs are brand ambassador and models. This is because brand owners see them as influencers that can coax their fans to patronize their products through their social media handles. Most of them have million of followers on social platforms which is a bundle of joy to them. Celebrities operating in the entertainment, Sport industry creates more posts, upload pictures & videos to seek attention of their followers who will unavoidably respond to them. In Nigeria, celebs' influence on their followers is glaring. For instance, during the 2020 Big brother Naija Show, they were able to persuade their fans to vote for the contestants of the show. Celebs also lent their voices amid the #EndSars protests which took place in Nigeria in 0ct. 2020 to shun Police brutality. 

With these influence, it is evident that celebrities have patriotic roles to play in this country. Good governance is one of ultimate desire of citizen, but most of these citizens are nowhere to found during elections especially youths who will later surface on the social media platforms to complain of bad government. If all the celebrities can sternly educate their fans about the importance of voting and repercussion of political apathy and also encourage them to exercise their franchise right during elections and cast their votes for the right candidate with united effort, there will be minimal issues to bother on. Celebs are not only to stir their followers with their pictures and posts but also to edify their fans with healthy tips that will inspire them to think anew and positively improved themselves and also to move the country forward. Having Million fans is not enough if you cannot impact positive vibes other than unhealthy rivalry between fans.

Fans also are not only to compliment celebs' outlook but tangible and inspiring information shared by them.

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