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'Na The Matter We Dey Settle' is Old, See the Latest 'Word Trend' Everyone is Reacting To Online

Nigerians are always happy no matter what the situation of the country may be. Some weeks ago it was a popular sensation "Na the matter we dey settle", which had social media users creating funny imaginary stories, on how things would go sore between two people, and others will be there to settle the matter for them.

It went on for weeks, and, practically everyone in this funny country had to read stories creatively written in that approach. Even work professionals, who are not normally keen to social media entertainment, still had good time reading these stories after an hectic day at work.

Though it seemed to be old fashioned as another word has newly erupted and many users are reacting to it.

'Una dey Mad' is the new trendy and it looked like its usage is gaining more popularity than it were for the initial.

See some of the stories composed to use the new word.

1. If there Is peace in the marriage, the woman is controlling him but if they are fighting, the man is toxic. UNA DEY MAD!

2. You are talKING not talkQUEEN and you are saying men are trash?? UNA DEY MAD.

3. Girls are just lucky, if their boyfriend is broke...boom..they look for a rich guy...but guys can't run to a rich lady when they are broke....they will end up getting double rejection.....all of UNA DEY MAD.

4. Those my classmates and class monitors that will clean the board when am still coping notes, how far? i hope you're now board of Directors!!! Una dey mad

5. U met Femi that is a Yahoo boy yesterday, u went to his house, cooked, washed his clothes and even his boxers but ur papa wey born u, his common handkerchief, u no fit wash. UNA DEY MAD

6. It's a romance if I bath our children, but na slavery if she bath them, UNA DEY MAD

7. Your father sent you your school fees but you post the credit alert and say "we're still taking orders"


8. You want equality but you expect the man to pay bride price and you won't pay groom price too. UNA DEY MAD.

9. It’s romance when I cook & serve my woman. But na slavery if na my turn. Una dey mad.

10. Even Indian women wey na dem dem pay groom price no do reach this Nigerian E-feminist.. 

Una dey mad

11. If a man is toasting three girls at once, he's a player & a flirt but as a woman it's okay to entertain three toasters at the same time & go on dates with all 3 till you choose one.


12. I be Feminist, I be Feminist but na meat pie and zobo dem take disvirgin u. UNA DEY MAD!

I don't know how this go well with you.

But this is funny right?

Now, between "Na The Matter We Dey Settle" trend and "UNA DEY MAD", which of them has more interesting story lines?

Kindly Drop your comments

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