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Meet Taiwo Hassan Who Has Never Kissed In A Movie Because He Doesn't Know How His Wife Will Feel.

Movie acting sometimes can be complicated because there are roles in movies which will make you do some things which you might not want to do on a normal level.

Some movie roles comes with romantic scenes and set which requires the actor or actress who is playing the character to kiss or move close to the other actor just to play the role perfectly well. A lot of actors and actresses including the married ones do it just because it's their career but Taiwo Hassan is one man in Nigeria who is an actor that has never done it.

Meet Taiwo Hassan, a 60 years old actor who has never kissed a woman in a movie, his reason for it is what kept his respect in the industry on a high level.

He was born in October 1959 but started his acting career in 1981, however he never took it as a full time job because he was working with the water corporation as an auto-mechanic. Later on, he retired in 1994 to focus on acting which he had his major breakthrough in 1997 with the movie titled "Owo Blow".

Taiwo Hassan respects his women and children so well that he is very conscious of what he do while he is on the field of his career. He is married to 2 wives and has been blessed with 6 children.

Taiwo Hassan has never kissed in movies or accept high level romantic roles because he doesn't know how his wives will feel about it when they see him doing such.

This moved people and when journalist asked why, his answer was simple. He said "I don’t really like romantic roles, but when I have to do them, I have my limitations. How would my wife and children feel if they always see me kissing other women in a movie? For example, I have never kissed a woman in a movie; the most I can do is to give them a peck."

What do you think about his decision ?. Is he being too protective and unprofessional about his career or he's just respecting his wife and children ?. Leave a comment below and kindly follow us for more entertainment updates and celebrity gists.

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