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Zee world: Check out the episode in Mehek that will definitely annoy you

The show “Zee world Mehek” has planted a place in millions of viewer’s heart in Africa. The show has encountered countless of drama and dangerous plot. Mehek and Shaurya’s have stolen the heart of her viewers that whenever there is a problem, the viewers are constantly in fear or some frustrated.

However, after the entrance of a new villain (Anjali), the show has become more and more devastating. She is the illegitimate daughter of Karuna, who aimed in taking revenge for her lose.

She enters Mehek and Shaurya’s lives, creating misunderstanding between the couples. She eventually succeeded in throwing both Mehek and Shaurya from the house after Karuna made her the sole heir to her property. Hopefully, they return back to the house after Karuna learned Mehek’s pregnancy.

Eventually, Anjali’s truth is learned and she is mercilessly sent to jail for her crimes where she met Shaurya’s aunt. They planned to escape jail which led to Anjali’s death and Aunt Svetlana taking all the credits. To cut the story short, she is set free and returned to the house pretending to be blind and setting a bomb in Khanna’s house which killed them all.

In the end, she completes her revenge after shooting Mehek and shaurya who vowed to return to complete their endless romantic story.

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