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Zee World series 'This Is Fate' Next 3 Bad Guys After Prithvi & Sherlyn.

Most people love the Zee World prime time series 'This is fate' the story follows the life of Preeta Arora, Karan Luthra and their families as they try to overcome obstacles and problems set up by the show's biggest villains Prithvi & Sherlyn. The duo have been having luck on their side escaping being exposed and other things but as we can see their time is almost up. So we're going to be looking at the next possible 3 villains after Prithvi & Sherlyn have been exposed.

The following are just predictions and not the actual story so this isn't a spoiler.

3. Rishabh Luthra.

In the series, Rishabh Luthra is a calm, composed, matured and innocent gentleman. He is the elder brother of Karan Luthra. Karan is the character with the highest probability of marrying Preeta and this might be a problem. The problem of jealousy because Rishabh is also in love with Preeta and this may cause some sort of trouble later.

Also note: Rishabh is the cause of Prithvi & Sherlyn's anger and quest to seek revenge. He is Prithvi's main target but the reason for this is yet unkown.

2. Aunt Kareena.

The stern and strict aunt of the Luthra boys absolutely despises the Arora girls and probably every single middle class person in the world. She is a proud and classy woman that would do anything to keep her nephews from marrying the Arora girls. She is Preeta and Srishti's biggest threats if they ever get married into the Luthra house.

1. Sherlyn's Mom.

Sherlyn's mom is part of the big threats that people often ignore. She is well aware of Prithvi's and Sherlyn's plans and even Sherlyn's pregnancy. After Sherlyn is taken to jail, her mom may seek revenge on the Luthra and Arora families.

With that, i think its safe to have a heads up on where the next threat is coming from. But the show is still pretty much unpredictable so we'll just have to wait and see how everything plays out.

Thanks for reading. Any suggestion or question can be dropped in the comment box.

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