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Meet "Siouxsie Gillet And Simon Keys" : Couples Who Venture in Catching Snakes For A Living.

One of my best channels on Dstv still remains Natgeo Wild, and my best program on Natgeo Wild Is Snake City, which is presented by two couples "Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillet".

Siouxsie, from north London, and Simon, from Hertfordshire, are the stars of Snakes in the City, a Nat Geo show which follows the pair as they travel around Durban in South Africa wrangling killer cobras and pesky pythons.

Seeing this program on Natgeo Wild causes so much fear in me, with the way these couples go around the Durban city of South Africa catching snakes in residential homes of people.

This article is aimed at showing the few interesting facts about "Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillet" and some photos of their adventures together.

Every single individual has a different means of making an income, as for Simon and Siouxsie catching snakes in urban city in South Africa' s residential homes is their own means of making an income.

What amazes me is the way the couples confront any type of snake they found, they are fearless and skillful in catching any type of snake. A black mamba, a cobra, python name it.

Below are few interesting facts you should know about Simon Keys And Siouxsie Gillet.

According to intense research from the internet see below interesting facts about Simon keys and Siouxsie Gillet.

1. Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillett, stars of the upcoming series of Snakes In The City, make a living as snake wranglers - capturing deadly serpents when they crop up in people's homes

2. While most of us would be terrified to come across a 6ft python, Simon and his partner, Siouxsie Gillett, both 44, work as professional snake catchers

3. When they catch a snake where it doesn't belong, they transport it away from civilisation and release it back into the wild, but they do so knowing that each job could be their last.

4. Simon Keys was born in England on July 15th, 1974 (Age 45)

5. Simon keys has an ex-wife, Nadine, but his current wife is , Siouxsie Gillet.

See Below Some Photos of the Two Couples

This is indeed a brave job to take a brave part to pass through.

Thanks for reading, kindly share and remember to stay safe from Covid-19.

NB : All photos are credited to Natgeo Wild.

Write up Credited to Aprokomedia.


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