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Young Nigerian Lady Narrates Her Encounter With Ex-boyfriend Who Was A Yahoo Boy

A young Nigerian lady has taken to her page on micro-blogging website, twitter, to narrate her experience with an ex-lover who is an internet fraudster popularly known as ”Yahoo Boy”.

The young lady in her post, advised girls to be wary of the kind of boys they go out with because not all that glitter is gold.

Read her story below;

Let me share my testimony with you guys, how I escaped being used for money rituals, an encounter I had with a guy I used to call my boyfriend, Who is now an ex boyfriend actually.

I’m going to keep his name from the public due to some reasons, I met him through a friend, you know these thing guys do, babe wassup, my friend said he likes you o, and me on a norms.

I already said I’ll never date a yahoo guy, never ever again, cause I don’t want wahala.

Baba was a church guy, I mean confirm church guy, if you see when he’s praying ehnn, Yousef go know say you don see your future husband.

Took him to my mum as per she should meet her daughters boyfriend, next day momsie called me, that she had a dream where someone raped me and locked me in a room till I died, we prayed about it and rejected it.

I was in his house one fateful day, he just did shopping that day, so he called me to come see things he got, as the proper girlfriend that I am.

I said I was going to steal some things home even if he doesn’t agree, so I went to his wardrobe to look for stuffs to steal.

Condoms fell from one of his clothes, as I bent down to pick it up , I saw one fine slides he got, brought it out from the shoe rack below the wardrobe.

Low and behold, people of GOD I saw a calabash wrapped with red cloth, I shouted blood of Jesus immediately.

I was lost in thoughts, no wonder he was always traveling up and down, today he’s in Benin, tomorrow he’s in Osun, next tomorrow he’s in Ife, ask him what he’s going there for, he will say he’s going for something.

Baba came out from the bathroom and fear gripped me.

Immediately he saw me with the slides, he shouted at me that what am I looking for in his shoe rack, and why I screamed blood of Jesus.

I told him I hit my leg on something, he noticed my mood changed, kept on asking why I was moody. Told him it’s because I found condoms in his cloth.

Omo, e no reach 1 hour, told baba I was going home, next day he called me that he has a suprise for me, that it’s a special treat, maybe the baba don tell am say as I see the calabash, I go die, GOD forbid.

I told my sister about it first, told my Mum later on, come and see deliverance momsie did on my head, that’s how I ran for my life o.

Imagine I had told him I saw the calabash, imagine I was close to being used, different thoughts ran through my mind.

Ladies please, not all that glitter is gold, you never know what these guys are capable of doing.

Imagine I was secretive and I keep things from my mum, imagine if that condom didn’t fall from his pocket, I pray we all learn from this.

See comments and reactions

Odikeme Harrison: Since u ladies didn’t want to work and make ur own money what do u expect?

Many men makes their money in a very bad way. So, if u want to eat with the devil, u have to get a long spoon. Be ready for anything.

Terry Obiora: God save U ‘ohhhh u no want iPhone 11 Pro Max again’ abi u no want sit down in front of Benz 🚘 to take selfie 🤳 again just to trend on social media?

Princess Esther: This life no balance at all 😂 where some ladies still dey die follow yahoo boy na im this one dey run for her head.

That’s what happens when you are looking for hushpuppi with a touch of Pastor Kumuyi.

CJ Agu: Him done use u dat why u see the stuff, 90% of Nigeria girls don’t have womb ND walking dead bcos Yahoo guys have use them, you want date every guy with car now u done tire borehole.

Adebayo Peter: That one na ritualist I beg stop being stupid and and stop following men up and down.

Mistaken a ritualist for a Yahoo is stupid get a life or someday you shall fall victim.

Chiwendu Okoh: So because you saw calabash in his Waldrop you now concluded that he wants to use you for ritual.

Anyways thank your stars that the calabash wasn’t meant for you maybe you for no live to tell the story.

Coz una own too much you will see a girl who has no job but she’s using iPhone staying in an expensive house tell me why they won’t use you for ritual this is just the beginning as una no wan get sense.

Samuel Ojukwu: There is these special gifting God place on the life of mother’s, that is the ability to see things before it happens. I can testify for my late Mum, she always tell me what she see before it start happening. Mum I miss you so much.

Kanu Chukwudike: So if you see a calabash in any guy’s house, it means he’s a ritualist?😏

Do u know if he uses it for protection? Ur pastor’s wey dey pray to God and uses bodyguard and security men as protection nkoo.

Pls let’s stop this mentality of every street hustling guy a ritualist, maybe huspuppi will also be charged for been a ritualist.

Henny Eniola: One just happened at my area on Tuesday. A guy brought the head of her to buried he brought the from Edo to Ibadan.

All in the name of Yahoo. A 23years old guy for that matter. Thank God he has been arrested he was trace buy some Edo CID police.

Chinonso Anagbo: Your head dey shake, shey the money u need urgently that he’s giving you in this Bubu’s tenure, u think the money grows on trees huh.

Ladies shine ur eyes most of this yahoo guys are doing undo, thank God sister u came out alive to tell the story.

Sadiq Olamilekan: Thank God for you🙏Many have been used without knowing, because they are alive walking thinking they are well. But their unknown they have been used since.

Chi Dera: Ona no dey hear word because say Emeka poor no get Benz you side line am follow Akim wire wire you no get luck o so far say you see the calabash E don use you. Girls of nowadays sef.

But I hope as she escaped alive, this should sound as a lesson for those desperate girls who wants to feel among by all means (using the latest iPhone and dating a Yahoo boy).

Fore warned is to be fore harmed.

Friday Deborah: She is just making noise,if he wanted to use you he would have used you without you knowing,as long as you sit or lay on the bed, you are gone.

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