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Seven Male Actors Who Have Played The Role Of Female Characters In Movies

Acting is all about make-believe, it's all about portraying something that isn't real and making it look as real as possible. Even though some movies get their inspiration from people's biographies, historical events and other real life happenings, there must surely exist some fictional elements.

Talking about making something that isn't real to appear real, how about the case of a man being portrayed as a woman in such a way that you would never have found out if you weren't told.

Actors are professionals in their field and they have certainly mastered their art such that they could perfect something like that. Over the years, a number of movies have had men playing the role of female characters and vice versa. But today we want to talk about the former.

So here are seven male actors who have portrayed female characters in movies.

1. John Travolta in Hairspray

2. Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor

3. Tyler Perry in Diary of a Mad Black Woman

4. Matt Lucas in Little Britain

5. Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie

6. RuPaul in The Brady Bunch Movie

7. Arsenio Hall in Coming to America

Outside these seven, there are other examples of men fitting into female roles in movies. But these seven are sufficient examples and also are popular movies, which you probably have come across.

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Eddie Murphy Hairspray John Travolta The Nutty Professor


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