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Revealed: Hidden Message For All Yoruba Indigenes, Found In Comedy Skit That Featured Ooni Of Ife

Several criticism has trailed the recent skit of Nigeria's popular Instagram comedian Debo Adebayo popularly known as Mr Macaroni(also known for his usual phrases "You're doing well" and "Fantabulous"). The skit received such concern and attention as one of the most respected and revered traditional ruler in Yoruba land Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, was featured in the skit.

For many who watched the video closely, vital information was embedded in the skit, an information which would be passed on from generations to generations. 

The skit which featured the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, caught the attention of Nigerians, especially since it was a comedy skit.

Now many asserted that according to Yoruba laws and traditions, featuring a man of power and influence such as Oba Ogunwusi in a such an engagement speaks of nothing short of utter disrespect and disregard sacred royal status the Oba occupies.

After reading the criticism of about the video, I took out time to watch the said video, and I discovered that the video was nothing short of creativity and above all an embodiment of message as well as moral lesson for the present and future, above all the skit was used to promote the heritage, language and culture of the Yoruba land

The video expose the fact that will always be mandatory to prostrate and knell and the level of respect accorded to elders in Yoruba land, and no matter the social status attained, it is mandatory to fully prostrate and kneel before elders and rulers in Yoruba land.

The Oba was instrumentally used in passing this message across in the video, so even though the video may be comical in nature, it was however a tool to disperse critical message and a source of reinforcement of the norms and traditions of the Yoruba culture. 

This message was obviously attributed to the fact that modern ways of lifestyle is slowly eradicating cultural norms and values in our society today. 

Further confirming this, former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar also commended the comedian by simply tweeting "You're doing well".

As a matter of fact, the nature of Mr Macaroni's visit to the Oni's Palace is the exact replica of Davido and Chioma's visit to the Oni in 2018. The nature of the visit was to pay respectful homage to the Oni. After the usual exchange of plenaries Davido and Chioma were ushered to sit before the Oni as they all engaged in small talks. 

The same is applicable to Mr Macaroni's situation, only in Mr Macaroni's case, the skit was skillfully used as an agent of reeducating and reinforcing cultural norms and traditions of the Yoruba land

This level of creativity should be applauded, rather being criticized.

Content created and supplied by: Humpreyobi (via Opera News )

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