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Mama Put', 'Chop', and other 27 Nigerian words just got added to Oxford English Dictionary!

Mama Put, Okada, Danfo, and some other 26 Nigerian words have been added to Oxford English Dictionary.

According to Oxford English Director , World English editor Danica Salazar, most of the newly added words are originally Nigerian words which started being used from 1970s. 

Some other words which made it were ember months, buka, barbing Salon, gist,K -Leg. 

Others included gist, next tomorrow, Kannywood, amongst others.

How are words added to the English Dictionary?

For a word to be considered worthy to be featured in the English Dictionary, it must first be added to the dictionary’s ‘watch list’ database. 

 The editors consider thousands of word suggestions from these sources every year, reviewing each and every one. 

Once an editor has the detailed picture of the word, they begin to draft the dictionary entry to record it.

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