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Opinion : Is there a possibility of Kiddrica?

Many reality TV lovers have been left with the unanswered question of a possible relationship between kiddwaya and Erica who happen to be housemates of the last season of the most popular reality TV show in Nigeria. The dynamic duo have taken us on a wild ride of emotions since gracing our screens last year.

Erica Nlewedim,a 27 year old award winning actress and entrepreneur, and Kiddwaya, a 28 year old business guru are arguably one of the most popular pairs to come out of reality TV. Through our screens,we saw them go through everything we see in typical relationship in Nigeria.

Early this year, Erica and her long time best friend, Demola made it clear that things were over between her and kiddwaya.

Since then,we have not seen them together,they are clearly not enemies but the separation is obvious.

Are we ever getting a Kiddrica moment again?

This is almost unanswerable given that, they might decide to keep everything out of the public eye for as long as possible. Since,we might never get a show starring both reality TV stars,we might never know but let's analyse their relationship.

From the show,it is easy to conclude that kiddwaya prefers to show his emotions through actions than words. He never admitted openly to loving Erica but from his actions,we could easily decode that. Erica on the other hand, is very emotional and has little control over it. She lives in the moment,she is extremely spontaneous and she wants a man who can claim her in private and public; something that doesn't sit well with Kiddwaya. Kiddwaya and Erica are sexually attracted to each other and they don't hide it. They stole our hearts with their endless display of affection towards each other. It is safe to say that these two might be in love. They might not be together now but forever is endless and they might try doing this "love" thing again when the fame and attention dies down.

As to the possibility of getting ever getting a Kiddrica moment,we may never know when or how big one thing we are sure of is that,these two blessed us with moments that will go down in big brother's history,they were a strong force to be reckoned with and we will forever be intrigued by their story.

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