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My brother-in-law caught me with another woman and this happened (fiction).

It was my wife's birthday last week, so I wanted to surprise her, I had to contact a female colleague of mine, to help me pick up some good stuffs for my wife, at the big shopping mall not far from my house, while I was there with my colleague, I got a phone call from my wife, she asked were I was, and I told her, I was at the office, and would be joining her, after the work of the day, because we were celebrating her birthday and had some friends and family members coming over. 

As I stepped out of the shopping mall, behold! My wife's older brother (my brother in-law) was standing few steps away, I ran towards him, I was happy to see him, though his face wasn't bright at all. 

Surprisingly, as I got to him and tried giving him a hand shake, he held me by the shirt I was putting on, and landed on my face, what I would call a disastrous slap, at that point, I felt like I saw stars.

My brother in-law made statements like “i saw you inside the mall with another woman, and after calling your wife to ask where your were, she reached out to you and got back to me, that she had spoken to you and confirmed you were in your office”.

I tried explaining to him, but he wouldn't listen, he drove off and went over to my house, to report to my wife, what he thought, he had witnessed earlier at the shopping mall. 

On my arrival home, I entered my house with both my wife and her brother looking at me with disdain in their eyes, so I once again explained myself, but my wife wouldn't believe me, she quickly walked up to me and added to the slap I had earlier received from her brother, I smiled and showed to my wife, the conversation between I and my colleague, asking my colleague to help me out with picking up some stuffs for her, since it was her birthday. 

My wife broke down in tears, but I left and have not returned back to the house. I couldn't believe she disrespected me over someone else's accusation on me. 

I want to know if I did anything wrong, by trying to get my wife a surprise package? Or have i in anyway overreacted to the fact, that my wife did not only doubted me, but also slapped me in front of her brother?

Please, my readers of wise opinion, let me know what your take is, on the comment session below. 

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