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3 Nigerian Celebrities Who Added Unique Features That Tallied With Their Status To Their Houses

Nigerians had several celebrities who didn't just add glamour to their lifestyle alone, but to their homes where they lived. 

This is not only seen in Nigerians alone. Several international artists are mostly seen with unique features nowadays. 

Some celebrities went ahead and planted gold, diamonds, or other valuable treasures in their heads or bodies. These are mostly part of what is in vogue. It is on this basis that these three Nigerian artists that you will read about in this article chose to display unique features in the houses where they lived, and they are the three artists that I shall talk about in this article: 

1. Burna Boy

There is no denying that Burna Boy has been living an exemplary life since he became a Grammy Award winner. 

Another thing about Burna Boy is that his songs are unique. Maybe that is why he has chosen to display a unique feature in his house, and what he did was to emblazon the title of his most successful album titled " African Giant" with the use of beautiful blue tiles beneath the swimming pool that is found in his house. 

2. PSquare

The PSsquare is the name of the defunct Nigerian duo who are successful musicians. Even though this duo has gone solo, they are still together in their Lagos Mansion, which they built on Banana Island. 

One unique thing about their home is that they called it Square Villa and is emblazoned on the surface of a part of the building. This stipulates that if anyone visits them, that person will have the real feeling that he or she is truly in their abode because of what was inscribed on the wall. 

3. Tunde and Wunmi Obey, also known asT.W.O. 

Tunde and Wunmi Obey are Nigerian couples of musicians who have been known for several songs, especially their track titled "Ire." 

What seems unique about this wonderful couple is their oneness, which means they are a couple at the same time they run a music career together. What now seems unique about their house is their sobriquet that was designed beneath the pool that is situated in their house, just like the way Burna Boy did it in his house.

There are many other features that many other Nigerian celebrities are added to their lifestyle, but I will only talk about them in my next articles.

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