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See What A Beauty Queen Did To Obtain Huge Cash From Her Man

When two people are genuinely in love with each other, they do everything to keep the relationship going strong. In this regard, such a relationship is based on the principle of give and take, which means both parties are making sacrifices for each other's happiness and well-being, unlike what most ladies, especially in Nigeria, do to their boyfriends and male lovers nowadays.

While most Nigerian ladies have the erroneous belief that only the man in a relationship should pick up all the bills and cater to the welfare of his lady, some even go the extra mile of heaping their entire family burden on any man who shows interest in them, a young lady from Ogwashi-Uku in Delta State has made an exemplary exception from this trend by giving to her man first and thereafter, she got a pleasant surprise from the man.

The young lady, who is also a former beauty queen and enterprising entrepreneur based in the state capital, Asaba, shared her story on Facebook to express delight over her action and the eventual outcome.

She wrote the following and also shared screenshots of her WhatsApp chat with her man:

"#On giving in relationship#

"Okay, I was trying to avoid most of what I considered mistakes in my last relationship, I made a vow never to give any guy I am with my money, cos I felt they always take advantage of my kindness.

"Now,Oga came along...

"I don't ask though (my principle), but he does give while on my part, I was doing bad girl, 'no guy go ever chop this my small chance, never!!!'

"So yesterday, he asked me why I have never given him anything, I felt guilty, so I decided to send him the N500 on top my account (I know he knew I was lying about it being the last money in my account).

"Then he freaky my account with big money.

"I am sharing this, cos we ladies have the notion that we should always be the one receiving. No, my dears, relationship is 50/50.

"Read through, they would not teach you this in your Sunday school."

Now, let's see the screenshots from her WhatsApp chat with the man:

Wow! I wish all ladies would reason like this pretty damsel. This has given me a different impression of girls from Delta State. There's hope after all. What do you think?

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Content created and supplied by: Angelone (via Opera News )

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