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Rahama Sadau Is Set To Appear In A Nollywood Movie

After She Was Suspended From Kannywood, Rahama Sadau Set To Appear In A Nollywood Movie

Rahama Sadau's film career looks far away from Kannywood industry as the actress looks set to feature in nollywood films.

The actress was recently suspended from kannywood industry after she posted some pictures with a backless dress on social media. She was widely criticised for posting the pictures on social media especially in the northern part of Nigeria.

Those pictures leads to her been suspended from the kannywood industry as the leaders deems her actions are inappropriate.

For a while there were no news of the actress appearing in any movie until recently when she revealed that she will be featuring in a nollywood movie named 'The Plan' the movie is a series film.

The movie also features Rosaline Meurer and Onyiye Ezekwe. The movie will be premiered in 2021.

Rahama Sadau has worked in nollywood industry before, and all indications points to her been in the industry now to further her career.

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