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I Had To Remove My Womb To Live A Normal Life - Nollywood Actress, Nse Ikpe-Etim

Speaking in an exclusive interview on TVC Reality Show, the Award-winning Nollywood Actress, Nse Ikpe-Etim speaks about fertility issues which cannot be over emphasized today. Most women especially those who are waiting to have children have to go through challenges from family members and friends and society as whole.

Here is everything Nse Etim said during the interview:

"As human being it's really hard to wait in gratitude, it requires a lot of training. It requires a lot of appreciation for the fact that you're alive to even wait, because we forget that life is a gift. We forget that waking up in the morning is a gift. We forget so many things, so we get desperate and want things to happen on time, immediately. Experience and life has taught me, you can wait and smile through it all and you're not smiling because you want people to think you're happy. You have to find your happiness. For instance, you have family members and they constantly put pressure on you and ask you when will you give birth. 

Everything is about the when not how are you. Nobody wants to know how you are doing, they want to know when it's happening and they will say to you, it's because they care, no! They don't care that much, they don't. But one thing that is really important is if you have a partner that is supportive, you will always want that person to remind you that, that's not the reason they married you. Like my partner, he doesn't do what I do, he's very conservative and don't care much for red carpet. He particularly just doesn't want to be seen. He said it's my work, go and do your stuff. So recently I literally begged him to accompany me to a premier and so, we went to together. 

A photo was taken and someone said, we stepped out after seeking for the fruit of the womb, there was that. There is the other one where they said, our marriage is over because Nse is barren, it's fine to use the word barren but people have to think about the people who goes through this things, except you're a psychopath. If you are, I can understand but if you're just a human being, be more empathetic. So recently and this happen every time. Someone is going to come into your DM on social media or pass a comment on a photo of you being happy and said, "Are you accomplish?" They just say things that are so hurtful but I'm thankful because I knew how to wait in gratitude after my despair in 2019, when I had to remove my womb to live a normal life. So, I thank God for the gift of life. 

Here is the link to the video:

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