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Literature Poetry

The principal's daughter (fiction) chapter 4

Tomi stood still, eyes closed and her head tilted upwards. I didn't know what to do, did she want me to kiss her? What if I do it and she gets really mad or..

She opened her eyes and started laughing. She said "Why aren't you saying anything?" I started laughing nervously. She said "Did you want to..." She's didn't complete her sentence, she's started blushing and she looked away. I said "Well...." She looked at me and she leaned forward and pecked my cheek. Still blushing, she said "Let's go"

We went to the sitting room and in 20 minutes, the noodles were ready. She told me not to bother coming to the kitchen to help her serve since I was her guest.

She brought two plates to the the dining and placed them opposite each other. She brought two drinks and set them down besides the plates. We started eating and I said "Wow, this is great" She smiled and said "I didn't even cook it well, Thanks though"

We ate and she took the plates to the kitchen. 15 minutes later, she came back and took me back to her room. She said that we should just watch TV now instead of studying because she wasn't really in the mood for that.

She put the TV in her room on and sat down on her bed. She pat the bed side right beside her to signify for me to sit there, Then she put it in a music channel.

At some point, she leaned against me and she sighed. She said her father travelled to another state to represent the school for the proprietor who was now very old and he probably wouldn't be home for the next two weeks. She talked about how her father was always busy in the school and going on official trips and how she only got to see her mother during Christmas and New year. She talked about how lonely and bored she used to be and she's happy that her father told me to tutor her. I realized that we had a lot of things in common, she didn't have much friends because she wasn't really social, just like me, she was an only child too. She also used to get very lonely.

She looked at me and told me to promise that I'd keep coming even if I don't have to tutor her anymore and I promised.

We spent a long time there, my arm was wrapped around her body so we were cuddling. I looked at my wrist watch and realized that it was already past eight. I got up and told her that I had to go. Her mood changed. She looked up at me, laughing and she said "Oh you're still here? You should have gone since" I laughed and told her bye. I turned to leave but she held my hands, she's started sobbing "Don't go... Please.. Stay, don't leave me" I pulled my jacket off and I sat back down on the bed. I held her and tried to comfort her. I told her that I didn't have to go anyway and I only wanted to go because I thought she wouldn't be comfortable with me staying there.

She hugged me tightly after I said that and she didn't break the hug. When she finally did, She asked if I could sleep there because me sleeping in another room would be the same as me leaving her. I agreed and she hugged me again. She pulled back, Then she kissed me. A short, gentle peck on my lips.

She looked away, blushing then she laid on the bed and said she was ready to sleep. I laid down beside her and I cuddled her to sleep. Still awake, I looked at her beautiful sleeping face, I gave her a gentle kiss before closing my eyes to go to sleep too.

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