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Ladies, Can You Marry This Man? Meet 'Afeez Agoro', He Is The Tallest Man In Nigeria(photos)

Ladies, Can You Marry This Man? Meet Afeez Agoro,He Is The Tallest Man In Nigeria(photos)

Good day everyone, how was your night, hope it cool, if yes glory to God.

God created everyone and everything bright and beautiful, tall and short.

These days we hear people saying I can't marry a short person or I can't marry a tall person but I believe it is by choice and who God chooses for you.

However in this article I'll like you to meet Afeez Agoro, the tallest man in Nigeria but the question is Ladies, can you marry this man?

Afeez Agoro Oladimeji is a Tv star, Model, Actor and the tallest man in Nigeria, Oladimeji is 7ft’4 inches tall and gained such height due to an illness, so it was reported.

See photos of the tallest man in the world

It is a good thing that he is tall but his height has advantage and disadvantages which may make ladies marry or not marry him


1.He is now a celebrity and model any lady that marries him Is famous as well.

2.He is already rich, marrying such man I don't think the wife would be poor again.

3. He will take care of you very well due to he hasn't married yet.


1. Most girls are scared of his height

2. He can't even enter a commercial bus, he is too tall

3.His clothe size isn't in the market

4.He will be stressing the ladies neck, if she tries looking at him 😁

Thanks for reading this article.

Ladies, can you marry this man?. Kindly comment below on your say to this

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