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3 reasons why Maria did not reply Emmanuel's comment on her post

Big Brother Naija season 6 star, Emmanuel was rumoured to have unfollowed fellow ex housemate, Maria on Instagram after she ignored his comment on her page.Link However, I think Maria ignored Emmanuel's instagram comment due to certain factors which I will reveal in this article.

photo credit:@Maria/ Emmanuel

3 reasons why Maria did not reply Emmanuel's comment on her post

1) Her friendship with Liquorose 

Recall, Liqourose mentioned several times that she and Maria are good friends. And Emmanuel, being Liqourose's in-house lover is aware of this fact. If Maria had replied to the comment, it may not sit well with Liqourose knowing how much she cares about Emmanuel and how committed she has been to him. This might make Liquorose assume that Maria and Emmanuel are attracted to each other, thereby coming off as betrayal.

Betrayal brings up a lot of emotions. When someone tags you as a friend they expect you to honour that trust. And that was exactly what Maria must have thought about that made her not respond to Emmanuel's comment on her post. I think this was a great decision. It shows she values her friendship with Liqourose.

photo credit:@Emmanuel/Liqourose

2) To avoid trolling comments

Trolls would have criticized and accused Maria of flirting with Emmanuel, which is not good for her social reputation. While in the house, Maria got herself into a lot of stuff which prompted many Big Brother Naija fans to dislike and evict her. I believe she wouldn’t want to engage in any social media drama that may have a negative effect on her reputation. 

3) To avoid passing wrong signal to Emmanuel.

photo credit:@Emmanuel

I think Emmanuel made that statement expecting some kind of reply from Maria. I think that was a subtle flirt to know how Maria would react. If Maria had replied to Emmanuel's post, that might send Emmanuel a wrong signal that she is interested in him, and may prompt Emmanuel to come out boldly to woo her. Ignoring the comment is an indirect message for Emmanuel to relinquish all plans of trying to woo her.

photo credit:Emmanuel/Maria

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