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BbNaija Season 05: What we noticed about the new housemate ‘Nengi’

BbNaija Season 5: 

The Big Brother Nigeria or Naija show kicked off on Sunday after being launched.

The season five edition met a whole lot of changes and I'll list them below.

 1. The housemates are just 20 in number, this was not so in the earlier editions.

 2. The housemates will stay in the house for 10 weeks unlike before.

 3. Biggie's deep nice voice changed to a tiny and unattractive one, people rumoured that the old Biggie is currently in Ghana and cannot return because of the pandemic so actor Kenneth Okolie's voice became the new voice.

 4. The head of house now have a lounge, a throne like seat, a bathroom and some personal things peculiar to the HOH.

 5. There are lots of designs made in the house which were believed to have been made by Joe, the ex housemate of the fourth edition.

Now let's talk about the head of house arena game that took place yesterday.

During the arena game for the head of house, many of the housemates were running like they didn't make preparations to always run while in the house, some ladies ran like it didn't matter and did not put in lots of efforts.

Nengi surprised all of us by scoring 18 points together with Neo. They had to redo a task and Nengi emerged as the head of house. She was asked to choose a deputy head of house and she choose Wathoni. People outside were disappointed because they had expected her to choose Ozo whom they think she likes.

Now, what are the basic things you should know about Nengi?

Nengi as she prefers to be called is a beauty model from Bayelsa State of Nigeria. Nengi is a model and had made it to top 5 contestants in the MBGN. She loves travelling, trying new things, having fun and making new adventures.

She also made it know that loves learning new things and being true to herself.

Nengi studied communications at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. 

She won one Queen of Trust pageant in 2013 and also, it was said that she won the ‘Miss Peace’ pageantry Sometimes in the past.

She is rumoured to have done liposuction. She is believed by Nigerians to have lied about her age. She is Mercy Eke’s friend. She lost her mom at the age of 17

What we noticed about Nengi in the house:

 1. Nengi is quite natural and beautiful with or without make-ups.

 2. Not long after she entered the house, she kept on talking about how she wants people to look beyond her beauty and see her for who she really is.

 3. She seems to be drooling over Ozo and people outside are already shipping the two.

 4. She told Ozo she would love to play cards with him in the after but Ozo had to tell two other housemates who laughed at her.

 5. She seems to be very good at physical games and racing, maybe.

 6. She has the attitudes of a winner.

7. Her Instagram audience keeps increase.

8. She keeps attracting new feats and attention, like RoyalHair Ng promising to work with her in the future.

What do you think about Nengi and what are the things you have noticed about her in the house?

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