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They Are Not Barbie Doll, They Are Human Being That Underwent Surgeries To Look Like Dolls

They are not barbie doll, they are human being that underwent surgeries to look like dolls: (pictures).

Everybody in life is entitled to what ever they feel is okay for them. Everybody has different aspirations in life. Some people were created, but out of fantasy for some doll, they underwent surgeries just to look like a doll. 

Well we all know that a barbie doll is a beautiful looking doll that most children played with during their childhood, but some people decided to undergo surgeries just to look like the barbie doll. And most of them spend fortune and countless surgeries to achieve the barbie doll look. Below are some of the individuals that were created as human beings but underwent some surgeries to look like barbie doll. 

Justin Jedlica, known as the Human Ken Doll, is an American man who has garnered international attention for undergoing over 280 cosmetic procedures.

Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model and entertainer of Russian origin, famous for her resemblance to a Barbie doll. To enhance the Barbie effect Lukyanova uses makeup and contact lenses, and she only had one surgery according to what she said. 

Rodrigo Alves, now known as Jessica Alves is a Brazilian-British television personality noted for having undergone dozens of plastic surgeries to alter her appearance. In her case, she was born as a man, but later changed his mind to become a woman. 

On seeing pictures of these people that were created as human beings but underwent surgeries to look like barbie doll, what do you think?

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Barbie Human Ken Doll Russian Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova


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