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Checkout 4 Female Celebrities who Regretted Undergoing Plastic Surgery after a Horrible outcome.

A good number of female celebrities are pretty much happy with their result when they get plastic surgery, but unfortunately for some that is not the case as they have to deal with major complication and procedure that did not turn out to their liking. 

Some of the most beautiful female celebrities in Hollywood have been a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong, read through the article to see some female Hollywood celebrities who regretted getting plastic surgery.

KHLOÉ KARDASHIAN: The former reality tv star regret getting a facial enhancement, she said regarding her face fillers "it did not work for me, I looked crazy and I still think the effect are in there, I went to have it all dissolved like three times"

COURTENEY COX: Cox reveal during an appearance on Running Wild With Bears Grylls back in 2016 "Getting older is not the easiest thing, but I have learned lessons. I think I was trying to keep up with being older, I have done the thing that I regret.

KIM KARDASHIAN: The former reality tv star was left with bruises on her face after getting a botox injection. Kim reveals in the quote " I had some bruises around my eyes after the procedure which is natural but because I hadn't looked into the side effect, I freaked out. Botox just wasn't necessary for me"

LINDA EVANGELISTA: she explained in an Instagram post that she underwent cool sculpting which she says left her unrecognizable as it caused fat cells in her face to multiply.

Talking about her regret she reveal in the quote "The side effect has not only destroyed my livelihood, but it has also sent me into a cycle of deep depression, and the lowest depth of self-loathing, I have become a recluse in the process and I'm tired of living this way"

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