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Meet the woman who married presidents of two different countries (Photos)

When two people get married, the intention most of the time is to live happily ever after but there are some things that happens that breaks this vows, one is divorce, another is death. The person you marry and live with will definitely influence your lifestyle and character for better or for worse, when a good woman loses her husband, whose life she obviously made better, she will be attractive to other men even if it is for the purpose that she will make their lives better.

There is a woman who was married to two different men that became presidents and you cannot ignore the fact that she is a woman of good and presidential influence. Her name is Graca Machel, she is currently 76 years old but her two husbands who became presidents are dead, they are Nelson Mandela and Samora Machel.

She is the only woman in the world who has been first lady in two different countries (Mozambique and South Africa). She is definitely a very good woman, her humanitarian works was even recognized by Queen Elizabeth who gave her honors as a Dame.

Married to Samora Machel the year he became president, she was first lady of Mozambique between 1975-86, she was also the minister of Education and Culture till 1989.

Samora died in a plane crash in 1986 and she was single till Mandela married her in 1998 and was first lady of South Africa till 1999, with her, Mandela was said to be finally 'lucky in love' as they always looked happy together. She was also called 'The Widow Who Made a Decent Man of Mandela'. Personally, I love her smile, Mandela died in 2013.

She remains an activist and on a lighter note, if she wants to marry again, it may be another president.

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