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Which One Is The Best, Among These 3 Hausa Movies Series?

Good day, and welcome to my page on this great platform.

Today I am going to highlight the top 3 Hausa movies that are currently trending in Kannywood Movie Industry..

They are all movie series which comprises of so many talented and funny Hausa actors and actresses.

Today I am going to highlight the 3 movies and hear from you about the best among them.

(1)  Gidan Badamasi: This movie is produced by (Dorayi Film Production), it comprises so many popular actors and actresses.

The movie name “Gidan Badamasi” is coined from the name of the father Alh. Badamasi where his children realized their father is stingy and they are trying their best to steals from him which any attempt they made to cheat on him they failed.


(2)  "Kwana Casai'n" This is also a Hausa movie where many peoples love to watch, it involves politics and so many bad peoples usually surround many system of government, the movie focus on the effect of some corrupt leaders and also the effect of kidnapping and so many other things. This movie is loved by many Nigerians.

(3)  Labarina: The meaning of “Labarina” which means my story, this is a story of a female lady called "Sumayya" that she loves a guy with her heart and she can do everything for him.

She rejected so many top billionaires all because of her boyfriend that is a Barber and later betrays her because he found a top billionaires daughter that promised to change his entire life which later on they realized he is an illegitimate child then she quickly broke up with him.


These are short notes about those movies and if you are reading this article, then I think you have to know that all that I wrote is true. Now among these top 3 Hausa movies, which one is the best and you always love to watch it.

Please feel free to answer this question in the comment section.

Thank you

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