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See The Tribe That Greets People By Spitting On Them (Pictures)

It is indeed shocking to find out that among the Maasai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania, spitting is a method of greeting each other it is also regarded as a way of blessing and respect. 

During the birth of a baby, the elderly is expected to spit on the child and say that it is evil and bad. They believe that if they praise the child, it would bring misfortune or bad luck to the baby. 

In another development, as a symbol of respect, the younger ones are expected to spit on their hands before offering it to an elder for a handshake.

Irrespective of the fact that spitting is often perceived or viewed as being an uncivilized and unhealthy gesture around the globe, Kenyan and Tanzanian people of the Maasai tribe have included it into their method of greeting .

The Maasai nation consider spitting as a sign of love, respect and blessing. 

The Maasai tribe would always spit into their palms before a handshake. Parents, friends, and family members spit on newborn babies or infants in order to bless them with good luck,long life and prosperity. 

Even fathers are expected to bless their daughters on the wedding day by spitting on the daughter’s forehead. Apart from being strange, this practice is very dirty, unhealthy and dangerous. Spitting increases the risk of spreading diseases to a great extent.

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