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Nigerian celebs and the issues of hypocrisy & sincerity; Tiwa Savage's current situation in review

Without any doubts, Tiwa Savage's leaked intimate video is somewhat heavily attracting diverse conversations among fans and observers. And, even some Nigerian celebrities are adding their own opinions to the trending situation.

Seemingly, though, there has been a familiar trend of mixed reactions to the issue, as the thoughts of moral perception are once again highlighted. Particularly, a set of some Nigerian celebrities are openly declaring support for Tiwa amidst the leaked video drama, as they decided to float a common caption 'A Queen' on their individual social media pages. But, some other celebrities are having a more cautious approach to the trending situation, as they seem to shed more light on the moral consequence(s). Nonetheless, I've observed some of the major arguments. And I strongly feel there seems to be a concerning big issue among some celebrities; especially, as they seemingly don't know when to draw the line between hypocrisy & sincerity.

* Actress Chioma Ifemeludike reacting to some celebrities who are posting the common caption 'A Queen' amidst Tiwa Savage's video leak | Screenshot courtesy: GistloversNG

Notably, in an interesting reaction to some Nigerian celebrities showing support for Tiwa by sharing her photo with the caption, 'A Queen', a Nigerian actress, Chioma Ifemeludike, believes that those who are doing such are only doing it with hypocrisy. She argued, that if it were to be a non-celebrity that was involved in such scandal, they wouldn't have maintained such energy of 'social media support'. But, that since they can easily identify with Tiwa, they now suddenly found the need to support her, even when the moral justification for the leak was firmly not in her favor.

* Reactions from actress Chioma Ifemeludike | Screenshot courtesy: GistloversNG

Interestingly, I am a fan of Tiwa Savage, and I'm a keen enthusiast of her exciting vibes and lifestyle. And, even in this current negative situation about her leaked video, she still has my support. However, sometimes, we should also be sincere about our thoughts & actions, particularly in this sort of troubled times. Honestly, I do not see anything wrong with some celebrities showing support for her, especially by posting her photo with the short caption 'A Queen'. There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with that. But, also, I honestly think that only the caption, 'A Queen', WITHOUT any accompanying words of logic somewhat makes it look a bit hypocritical.

In my candid view, it would have been more passionate if the 'A Queen' caption was accompanied by some words of encouragement for Tiwa. Nonetheless, I believe the talented Nigerian female singer deserves more than just a two-word caption, she deserves genuine support at this period. Thus, I'm suggesting 2 other ways that some celebrities can support Tiwa with sincerity, as outlined below:

(1) They should also consistently send messages of care & positive vibes to Tiwa PRIVATELY:

As much as some celebrities may want to do some bits of 'eye service' with their support on social media, they should also maintain that same energy offline. In my opinion, it is not enough for a fellow celebrity claiming to show support online, but he/she is not showing the same support outside social media. Thus, I think they (celebs) should also endeavor to privately send their messages of goodwill & positive vibes to her, as she needs those words of encouragement to further boost her motivation in this difficult period.

(2) They should also endeavor to engage her in an encouraging rehabilitation process:

Aside from the messages of support, at this moment, I also think that Tiwa Savage should be encouraged to go through a comprehensive rehabilitation process. Truth be told, forget about her mild antics on social media, I think she is just trying to appear unbothered. But, as humans, deep down, she is hurting, and that is why she needs to go through rehabilitation. Indeed, it would help her to cleanse any possible negative thoughts, and further strengthen her positive aura & values.

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