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Lyrics Of Dangerous Love By Tiwa Savage And The Deep Emotional Meaning Behind This Beautiful Song

Freshly released by the African Bad Girl is this massive emotional banger, that's bound to put you on the roller coaster of love and take you for a wild ride.

See the lyrics and meaning below.

There's a reason why Tiwa Savage still remains at the top of the Nigerian female entertainers pyramid despite numerous setbacks, to both her personal life and her career and this song clues us why.

The singer totally gets the average African woman, one listen to this song and you can feel the love, pain, anguish and hurt that has fueled the insecurities of the woman for generations.

The lyrics are written from the point of view a woman who loves her spouse dearly but is conflicted about her decision to let go clinging unto the last shred of resistance before the inevitable fall.

Like many women out there, she's loved but was hurt before and is now doing her possible best to keep herself from ending up in a similar situation once again.

She's accepted the guy as her sunshine but she's still cold (a little bit undecided) about committing to their relationship fully.

She asks the question that many others have asked when faced with such situations and lends her voice to the doubts that come with it.

—Are you really the one?

—No go come tire for me.

—Make e no go turn yawa for me, ehh

Those are the words of an African woman who knows that a guy can walk out of a bad relationship unscathed but a woman has to bear the burden of scorn and guilt that society is likely to place on her.

This ability to connect with the listener in an unfiltered manner, on issues that affect everyone, is what has set Tiwa Savage apart after all these years and we can only hope that her well of inspiration never dries up.

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