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This Is Me Trying To Explain Something In English And Other Funny Memes

These hilarious memes will make you laugh out loud.

That awkward moment when my Dad changes the channel to watch news while I was watching my favorite TV show.

This is me trying to explain something in English.

When I plugged my phone before sleeping, and I woke up the next day only to find out I didn't turn on the socket.

10 minutes to my wedding and I am being called for a contract worth $700Million.

Me trying to understand the grammars that are being blown in my comments box.

Me when I joined beard geng.

I just want to go to school, become successful and make mom proud, then probably get married.

Me being the reason behind the sleepless night of my partner.

Me when my music industry is as useless as the streetlights in GTA.

Me when I have finished my food and my mom told me to go and meet my elder brother to give me more.

My mood when my friends are talking about football without me contributing because we don't have TV.

My reaction when I am born a twin.

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