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Reducing Stress with Positive Energy

Negative self talk,the tendency to interpret things in the world in a pessimistic way and have a self limiting , can creat significant stress in your life and exacerbate the stressful situation you already face.

Developing more positive, self talk is an important way to reduce stress.

You can help yourself maintain a positive frame of mind by surrounding your self with positive energy in your life.

How to create positive Energy

To transform your self talk and your mood from negative to positive,it's important to sorround yourself with positive people.

Uplifting Music

Listening to music that has a soothing melody and uplifting message can help you develop positive self talk.

" Have you ever had song lyrics in your head for few hours or days? "

If those lyrics are positive and inspiration,they make a much better mental sound track than a running stream of complaint,criticism or self limiting thought or depressing.

Inspiration Books

Books on strength,personal power,enlightenment or self help can be good resources to help you change your outlook and things you say to yourself.

Positive people

One of the most important ways to get and keep positive energy in your life is with the company you keep.

" Did your friend lift you up or bring you down ? "

" Are they critical or complementary? "

Positive friendship provide support,when you are down.

Good friends can inspire you to reach greater height,

" pay attention to how your friends make you feel and if they are less than supportive,start pulling your energy and time towards people who are better suited to be your friend.

Reframed Thought

If you spend time thinking about proactive things,you can do, to solve problems.

You will feel less stressed than if you spend time in rumination,focusing on the negative feelings and past experience.

If you find yourself focusing mostly on the negative,gently bring your mind to what's good in your life or at least on what can be done to move from past stressful situations.

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