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What Caused The NDDC Director To Faint? A Look At Why The Director Fainted On Live Television

Probable causes for the Fainting Of The NDDC Director

As it looks, the chairman was being grilled for over 43 minutes when he fainted. According to reports, he fainted gently without a struggle or slumping down his chair. At first, it occurred to me that he fainted due to physical stress, but then I realized he was seated and was comfortable. So the only possible explanation for him fainting is due to emotional stress.

Watching the events as it took place, one will see that the acting director wasn't exactly in his happiest times as the expressions on his face throughout the questioning showed a sad man who was at that time going through great emotional stress. This is perhaps due to long hours of thinking before he was presented to the committee or the very short effect of the questioning on him. 

In whichever way, the director was obviously affected by what we call emotional stress. Emotions like fright, pain, anxiety, or shock can cause blood pressure to drop. This is the reason people faint when something frightens or horrifies them, like the sight of blood. well, it's no news that the director was being grilled for misappropriation of funds under him. Perhaps the questions he was asked got so intense that it began to scare him.

Although the chairman must have been going through emotional stress, the physical stress can't be ruled out. As emotional stress has a way of making itself known through other means. The chairman could have been under a lot of stress days before he was presented before the committee, he could have had hours or studying and preparations to defend himself. That way, the emotional stress becomes physical triggers.

Physical triggers. Getting too hot or being in a crowded, poorly ventilated setting are common causes of fainting. Sometimes just standing for a very long time or getting up too fast after sitting or lying down can cause someone to faint.

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