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7 Categories of People that can make your Wedding Day to be a Fantastic day

Wedding day is a big day for every couple, you will see them making plans and preparations on how the wedding will look like months before the day. Some will even hire Event planners to help them manage and plan their wedding.

For those who are married, you will agree with me that planning of weddings is not an easy task, you can develop margarines and be stressed out. All you just want is that your wedding day should be perfect and that everyone that grace the occasion should be served to their satisfaction.

God is the greatest wedding planner so without him there will be no success. After him, they are 7 Categories of people that can make your wedding day to be a memorable one and they are listed Below.

1. The People who cooked the food

I have attended some weddings, and the rice that was served was not properly cooked, and you need to see how people were disappointed. If you can afford a catering service, it will be very nice but if you can't afford them, then try and look for friends and family that can cook. Don't just use anybody to cook your meal. If you food is properly cooked, your guests will enjoy it.

2. The People who share the Food

Food sharing has made so many people to speak ill of a particular wedding, you will see people complaining that he or she was not served. If you are having a wedding, take note of the people that you will place in charge of sharing the food.

If you can employ the services of caterers it will be good, but if you can't then let the team of the people that will share the food come from the bride and the family. Let them join their heads together, with that almost everyone will be served

3. The Master of Ceremony (MC)

MC has the power to make a dull wedding to be a bright one. I attended a wedding and the Mc that was brought was not really good, it was as if he was learner, he couldn't crack good jokes.

When you get a good Mc for you wedding, he will make everyone to laugh so hard and he will even make people to contribute more (finance) to your wedding. Get a good Mc.

4. The Disk Jockey (DJ) or Live Band

Imagine a wedding without good music, you will not love to attend it the second time. If you're going to make use of a DJ then get someone that knows his job. Don't just get someone that can't play the right music at the right time.

If you decide to go for a live band, go for those who are good too.

5. Photographer

There was a time when me and my mom and my siblings went for a photoshoot, the cameraman forgot that there was no film in the camera and he ended up flashing us without him knowing.

Now there are digital cameras everywhere. If you are hiring a Photographer, go for someone that knows his work, not someone that will snap blur images. If you photos are good you will be smiling whenever you see them.

6. Makeup Artist

There are so many makeup artist in town today, and not everyone is good. It's your wedding day, so I'll advice you get someone that is good, and not someone that will make you look like a masquerade. You have to look your best so get the right persons that will make that happen.

7. Men on suit and Bridal train

These particular set of people add glamour to your wedding. They make you wedding lively and entertain your guest. I once watched a video where by the bridal and groom train came out in pairs and danced. The crowd was applauding them and they were enjoying what they were seeing.

If you are having a wedding, let your men on suit be and Bridal train be people that are lively and not shy.

Content created and supplied by: Sefito (via Opera News )

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