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Man Knelt To Beg Wife After Sending Her Packing Over Witch craft Allegations

A man known as Obi Ikechukwu has been seen in a viral video kneeling down to beg his wife, Grace after he sent her packing for over a year for an allegation of being a witch.

The young man realised he has thrown away his Jewel of esteem value after he was instructed by his pastor to go back and beg his wife, that she was accused wrongly, making the man's life more miserable after she had cursed him.

The man, Obi was said to have not called nor find out the whereabout of his wife for over a year before the message was given to him.

A group of church members, family and friends were present seeing what was happening.

The young woman started crying profusely before the pastor now summoned courage to beg on the man's behalf.

May we not be cursed by an innocent soul. It's a big lesson to men out there that before arriving at a conclusion, find out if it's true or not. No man have the right to maltreat a woman or send them packing against their wish.

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Grace Obi Obi Ikechukwu


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