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If You Can't Control Your Laugh, Then Don't See These Memes

This memes have composed will make you laugh out loud.

Today could've been my daughter's birthday but unfortunately I used a protection.

How people who are in relationship watch TV together.

Google is useless.

Africans mother's reaction when a girl with a Mini skirts greet them.

Me getting ready to send the third text.

6 year old me going to buy everything I want.

You flashed me and I called you back asking who you are?, And you're telling me to guess. Are you mad in complexion.

When your parents ask where all your money went.

I'm sure things will be back to normal by July.

Thank you for your advice.

Google translate.

I feel like slapping this person.

He makes me lie.

When you send him a paragraph explaining why you're mad and he asks "what you talking about".

Right Before my flight that man started fixing the turbine with a sticky tape.

Class ends by 5:00 PM, backbenchers at 4:45 PM.

You are lucky am fasting.

Like this post when you see it.

Anyone coming to North Carolina from Kenya?.

The student in me.

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Africans Google Mini


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