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"This Is Charcoal Not Plantain!" – BBN Tacha Made Bole At Home And This Is What Came Out (Photos)

I can't laugh alone. I stumbled on some photos of Tacha's failed attempt at preparing Bole AKA roasted plantain at home. It was very funny to me because this is what Bole actually looks like:

This was what Tacha prepared. Hahaha.

The result of this food destruction caused a serious uproar on twitter. Tachabole hastag is now among the trending hashtag as seen below. 

It's only God that knew why the Queen of Titans prepared burnt offering instead of Bole. In fact this is actually not burnt offering. This looks more like charcoals on a dish. Hahaha. These pictures she released on Twitter really got me laughing. See them below: 

At the moment #TachaBole has over 29k tweets as seen below.

Many people have reacted to this hilarious culinary disaster on Facebook. Some people jokingly wondered if in an attempt to roast plantain she inadvertently roasted witches. Still others feel that she was definitely asleep while her beloved plantain turned into coals. What's your opinion on this? 

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BBN Tacha Bole Bole AKA Plantain Tacha


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